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Green Energy (UK)

Green Energy (UK) - Still (dual)

Tariffs prices

Green Energy (UK) charges different rates depending on the region of the country that you live in. Please provide your postcode to view prices for this tariff as well as to compare all other tariffs in the market to see which one is the cheapest for you.

Fix energy prices until 30th September 2017

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Tariff Features

  • With Still your electricity comes from 'combined heat and power'. This means it comes from heat given off by power plants that would otherwise go to waste. Green Energy UK harness this heat to put it to good use.
  • This is a low carbon tariff. The carbon emissions per kWh of electricity are less than half the national average.
  • Prices are based on the Standard rates of your regional electricity company.
  • Green Energy (UK) customers receive free shares in their company as a reward for going green. As shareholders, every customer is invited to tell Green Energy UK their thoughts at the Annual General Meeting, and is able to get updates on how Green Energy (UK) is doing financially.
  • Variable rate tariff - energy prices may go up or down.
  • Paper or online billing options available.
  • Dual fuel only.
  • Pay by Monthly Direct Debit or Pay on Receipt of Bill.
  • No early termination fees.
  • Green Energy (UK) do not currently offer the Warm Home Discount.

Note: any early termination fees shown may not apply after the contract has expired. Sometimes tariff data changes or becomes out of date when a tariff has been withdrawn. UKPower.co.uk cannot always guarantee the accuracy of the data displayed. Please report any errors to feedbacks@ukpower.co.uk.

Supplier information

Green Energy supplies electricity to domestic customers and small business customers in England and Wales. Green Energy also buy energy from anyone generating their own electricity who may have a surplus they want to sell to be fed back into the National Grid.

Green Energy (UK) buy all of their energy from green sources. They buy it from various sources, harnessing the power of falling water, the sun, the wind, and organic waste material.

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