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LoCO2 Energy

Fix energy prices until 30th September 2017

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LoCO2 Energy is an green electricity supply company that has been active in the renewable energy sector for over 10 years. They own, run and operate nine hydropower stations in the UK and have two more sites currently in development.

LoCO2 Energy are a relatively new player in the electricity supply market but we are regulated in exactly the same way as the 'Big 6' and other electricity suppliers.

Other then the 'Big 6' suppliers, LoCO2 is one of only a few smaller companies who actually generate their own renewable electricity and supply to customers through our own hydropower sites. They also buy renewable energy and low-carbon electricity from microgenerators and through private arrangements with larger generators.

LoCO2 Energy only buy electricity that is sourced from renewable generators, such as hydro, wind, solar and technologies using agricultural wastes and vegetable oil, as well as natural gas.

LoCO2 Energy tariffs

Tariff Capped/Fixed Online only Green Compare
Planet No No Yes Compare
Planet Fixed 9 Yes No Yes Compare
Planet Fixed Direct2 Yes No Yes Compare

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