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Can we save on petrol costs? A question for which many people are looking for an answer! On this page, we attempt to provide some answers, and maybe we can help towards a global solution.

Primary answer - YES WE CAN! - Surprised, then read more below.

Primary Recommendation

Add LPG fuel to your car.

You can keep your existing petrol as well.
No noticeable performance changes.
Significant cost savings.
Significant prestige improvements!

More details from Green Conversions - click here.

Items we will examine below are:

  • Government Programmes
  • LPG gas
  • Electric vehicles
  • Fleet discounts/Fuel management
  • Changing your driving patterns
  • New cars

The quick answer is - Not much unless you are prepared to consider changing to an alternative fuel vehicle. Read on for more information...
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Government Programmes

TransportEnergy Power Shift

TransportEnergy PowerShift is an Energy Saving Trust programme to help establish a sustainable market for alternative, clean fuel vehicles in the UK. It aims to create the conditions for clean fuel vehicles to be practically and economically viable.

Petrol Prices

Find your cheapest local petrol station - is the UK's only free fuel price database. This allows users to find the cheapest local petrol station and make savings on their fuel.

Here is a god article from the BBC about the cost of fuel:

BBC - Cost of Fuel

The rising cost of fuel has prompted protests across Europe, and fears of a new world fuel crisis.

We take a look at what goes into the price of a litre of petrol on its journey through the refinery process to the petrol station.


The Green Fuel Company -

Just follow the simple steps on their website to find out how much you could save by switching to LPG, and get an INSTANT QUOTE on the LPG conversion that's right for you.

Gas Car Co

Excerpt from Gas Car Co website:

LPG is an acronym standing for 'Liquified Petroleum Gas', a compressed gas similar to that used in domestic heating systems. Because it is compressed, it can be stored as a liquid - making it possible to store a large amount of LPG fuel in a small tank. It is usually produced as a by-product of north sea oil production (the current surplus is over 4 million tonnes per year - and rising) and hence LPG is available so cheaply.

LPG is suitable for virtually every petrol combustion engine. It provides excellent performance, whilst producing substantially fewer environmentally unfriendly emissions.

The concept of using LPG for cars has been tried and tested (on a small scale) over many years. However it is only recently that LPG has started being so attractive to commercial / domestic users. From taxi drivers in New York to motor cruisers in Italy and car drivers in the UK, more and more people are converting to LPG.

"With a properly installed LPG conversion and correct engine tuning there will be no noticeable loss of performance when running on gas."

"To boost the LPG cause, the government is lending a helping hand to motorists with the cost of converting to gas. Grants of up to 70% of the cost of engine modification are available under the Powershift initiative."

Electric Vehicles

Click these links for information on electric vehicles:

EVUK - The campaign for real, long range electric vehicles and so much more

Up to date news, evens and campaigns to help aid the promotion of electric behicles.

The best selling electric car

The UK / world's best selling electric car, from the creators of the UK electric car market. Plus the most experienced after sales service in the EV market. Look, ask, book a test-drive, buy on-line and join the carbon revolution.

Fleet Discounts/Fuel Management

Pipeline Card

Save money on petrol & diesel with a free Pipeline Card! The pipeline card is expect to be able to offer our members a discount of between 5p and 7p a litre.

All Star Fuel

Fuel costs amount to about one third of the total expense of a company car. That’s why it’s so important to ensure your company controls and monitors fuel purchasing with maximum efficiency.

Esso Card

ESSO CARD offers the powerful combination of high quality fuels at competitive prices. Esso fuels include detergent that prevents dirt deposits in the engine, helping deliver optimal performance and reducing emissions.

Jet Petrol Card/Conoco

JetCard is a business charge card that allows you to take control of your fuel costs. Not only do you receive one monthly VAT approved invoice, giving you up to 6 weeks interest free credit, but you also determine the products that your drivers can purchase. You decide whether your cards are vehicle or driver specific and there are no minimum volume requirements. No card charges or monthly fees either!

Total Card

The Total card is a flexible card that meets all of your needs, helping you to manage and control your fleet and costs, making life - whether on the road or in the office - easier than ever before.

Key Fuels Card

Keyfuels is the leading expert in commercial vehicle fuel management, handling over 1 billion pounds of fuel purchases and over 35 thousand transactions everyday. In fact, over the last 20 years, Keyfuels has saved its customers well over £450 million. With Keyfuels VPM (Vehicle Performance Monitoring), they provide the fleet manager with the tools and expertise to reduce fuel costs and improve efficiency.

Changing your driving habits

A simple way to reduce petrol costs of course, is to reduce the number of miles you drive your car. Logical! But this option will certainly reduce your petrol costs. Here are some light hearted thoughts which may generate ideas.

Ideas that may help are:

  • Consider of each trip is necessary or can trips be consolidated.
  • Car pooling where someone else is going to the same place.
  • Working from home if it is a possibility.
  • Public transport instead of using the car. (Significant time and money savings for long distances by train instead of car in some cases.)
  • Walking instead of using the car - it's a bit too healthy for some people!
  • Cycling - but this is a bit healthy as well!

Planning your journey

Another factor to consider if you are driving is the efficiency of your route. Taking the most direct rout or least congested routed to your destination can save you time and fuel. Some business have found they can save thousands of pounds planning their routes more effectively. For some journeys planning the best rout may not be easy, however there is modern technology that can help;

  • Set your radio to receive traffic announcements. This could stop you heading towards congested roads.
  • Tariff devices can now be purchased to help people avoid congested roads.
  • Satellite navigation systems can automatically plan the best route for your journey.

When you buy your next car

Another straightforward way to save petrol is when you buy your next car. This is a prime opportunity to downsize the engine size without necessarily downsize the car performance, safety or appeal.

Here is a link to a site where you can compare different vehicles in terms of petrol consumption. Well worth a visit. and then select Specification comparisons.

This is the option that we are all being persuaded to select next time we buy a car. Reduce the fuel consumed, reduce the mileage, and this reduces pollution and costs. Worth considering next time a car decision has to be made.

Green Car Buyers Guide

The Green Car Buyer's Guide is a quick and easy way to see the environmental rating of all new cars on the market.

And finally....

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