Recycling - The Way of the Future

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One way to combat environmental waste is to try following recycling procedures at home and at work. Each item may be small, but when it's all put together, recycling has become a very important part of everyday life. More attention is required and small steps should be taken towards improving our own household recycling activities.

Items we will examine and for which details will be added are:

  • Benefits of recycling
  • Household recycling - glass
  • Household recycling - plastics
  • Household recycling
  • Local recycling services


Waste Watch

"Waste Watch is the the leading national organisation promoting and encouraging action on the 3Rs - waste reduction, reuse and recycling."

DEFRA - Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
Two important papers - Part 1 & 2

"In future we must make much greater efforts to reduce waste and substantially increase re-use, recycling, composting and recovery of energy from waste."

Landfillsites are filling up with rubbish and we are loosing the recyling value as well as using up too much space for the rubbish disposal. Recycling reduces the rubbish, improves the energy savings, and saves space at the rubbish dumps.


The Recyling Guide

The Community Recycling Network


  • Newspapers - keep them separate and either put them in the paper collection bins for the refuse disposal, or take them to the paper bank.
  • Glass - Often collected from your house by the local refuse company, but there are always glass banks about and you can sort into different colours as well.
  • Clothing and shoes - Textile banks and charity shops really appreciate receiving old clothes. These go to worthy causes World wide.
  • Garden waste - Greenery is collected separate from soil and stones and each is used effectively.

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