3 year fixed rate gas & electricity tariffs

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To provide yourself with maximum protection against any energy price increases in future years, you may want to consider locking yourself into a long term fixed rate tariff.

At any one time there are usually just a couple of gas and electricity tariffs on the market that allow you to freeze your energy prices for 3 years or longer. The benefits of these tariffs is that you are provided security in knowing that you are protected against price increases for a long time. Should energy prices go up over the course of these three (or more) years, you will still be paying the rates you agreed when you signed up for the tariff. However the downside is that your bills will likely be more expensive in the short term.

The table below shows the current market leading 3 year fixed rate energy tariffs. You may also want to consider a 1 year or 2 year fixed tariff.

Supplier Tariff Average annual bill* Tariff end date
Engie ENGIE Control Paperless Billing £1,000 36 months from signup
Engie ENGIE Control Paper Billing £1,032 36 months from signup
Extra Energy Clear Fixed Price Oct 2020 v1 £1,041 31/10/2020
EDF Energy BIue+Heating Protect Jan20 £1,058 31/01/2021
first:utility First Fixed September 2020 £1,094 30/09/2020
npower Super Fix March 2021 v2 £1,096 31/03/2021
GB Energy Supply GB Price Protect Sept 20 £1,097 30/09/2020
Co-operative Energy Co-op Price Protect Sept 20 £1,097 30/09/2020
SSE Fix 2020 Paperless Billing £1,127 36 months from signup
SSE Fix 2020 £1,139 36 months from signup

*Based on usage of 3,100kWh of electric per year and 12,500kWh of gas per year. Shows average price across all regions. Assumes payment is made by Monthly Direct Debit. Only showing tariffs which are generally available across most of the UK.

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