Energy tariffs for over 60's

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As we get older and we start to think about retirement, normally the level of regular income we can count on will start to decrease. Also, chances are our energy usage will rise as we spend more time at home and need to heat our homes more regularly.

With this in mind it’s more important than ever to keep an eye on our expenses, with gas and electricity typically being one of the largest household bills. Occasionally there are specific tariffs on the market that are aimed at over 60’s specifically - the most recent being e.on’s Age UK tariff, however this was withdrawn in December 2013. These tariffs would typically give a discount to anyone who qualifies (in this case, anyone over the age of 60).

What is most important however is to get the best overall price for your energy usage and the only true way of finding out which is the best tariff for you is to carry out a whole of market comparison. You can do this by entering your postcode in the yellow box above. If an over 60's tariff available, is the best value tariff and you qualify then great - however as our comparison takes into account all tariffs on the market you may find that actually a tariff available to the whole market is the cheapest for you.

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