StayWarm Price Comparisons

Important notice: E.ON announced on 2nd October 2013 that it would be terminating the Staywarm tariff. Customers currently on this tariff are advised to move to a new tariff. Failure to do so will result in customers being moved over to E.ON's 'standard' tariff - Energy Plan. This is likely to result in a bill increase for these customers, with the average bill on this tariff being £1260 per year.

To find the cheapest energy tariffs currently available carry out a comparison by clicking here and entering your postcode.

If you are currently on the Staywarm tariff, you can now compare this with all other suppliers. To compare prices, simply do the following:

For Gas and Electricity Dual Fuel Customers:

  • Start on the home page
  • On Page 1, Enter your postcode and press Continue.
  • On Page 2, select Yes for gas.
  • Select E.ON Energy as your supplier, and Staywarm as your current tariff.
  • Select your payment type and enter your consumption in Kilowatt Hours (this information will be on your bill or annual energy statement).
  • Click the View Results button.
  • On the results page, you will see the cost that each supplier will charge for the number of kWh's that you entered.
  • You can compare this with the cost you pay now to see how much you can save.
  • If you find a tariff that you prefer, you can usually switch supplier through using the links on the results page.
  • Double check your calculations to make sure you want to switch away from StayWarm. If there is not much difference in prices, you may be better to stay with StayWarm and their fixed prices. Only switch if you see worthwhile savings.

For Electricity Only Customers:

  • To do an electricity only calculation follow this procedure:
  • On Page 1, Enter your postcode and press Continue.
  • On Page 2, Select No for gas.
  • Select E.ON as the supplier, but leave the tariff as Standard.
  • Select your payment type and enter your consumption in Kilowatt Hours.
  • Important. Do not use the annual consumption in £'s.
  • Click the View Results button.
  • On the results page, you will see the cost that each supplier will charge for the number of kWh's that you entered. Do not use the Savings column.
  • Compare these costs manually with the cost you pay with Staywarm.
  • Important - Do not use the Savings column in this case. Compare costs manually instead.
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StayWarm is a special energy purchasing scheme which only applies to houses where someone aged 60 or over lives. Electricity and gas is supplied at one fixed price all year round regardless of how much is used. The cost of StayWarm is based on the number of bedrooms in the house and the number of people who live there.

StayWarm is now operated by E.ON Energy.



In order to compare the prices to other suppliers, the annual CONSUMPTION of gas and electricity & HOW MUCH MONEY YOU PAY needs to be known or calculated. The consumption is required in Kilowatt-hours. This is because the all other suppliers charge by using rates per kWh.

It's best to have meter readings for a year. If you have kept a record at each month end, or quarter end, or year end, then you can calculate how many "Units" have been used for a one year period.

If you only have meter readings from when you started with StayWarm you can work out what the consumption is as by taking a current reading, and deducting the opening meter readings. This tells you how many "Units" have been used during that period. Divide these numbers by the number of months it covers from start date to current date. Then multiply by 12. This gives you an estimated average of the consumption for a year stated in "units".

Take care!.. If the period covers more summer time than winter time, or the other way round, this calculation may produce a lower or higher result. Make allowance for this in the calculation for the average years consumption.


Electricity units are usually already stated in kilowatt-hours, so the electricity kWh's figure is ready to use.

Gas units need to be multiplied by 31.3 to convert from the units used according to the meter, to kilowatt-hours. Then the gas kWh's are ready to use. This is a rough estimate and the exact conversion details are below. (Or, for rough figures, multiply by 100, then divide by 3).

(To convert gas units to kilowatt hours: gas units used x imperial to metric conversion factor (2.83) x volume conversion factor (1.022640) x calorific value (39.7) divided by kilowatt hour conversion factor (3.6) = kilowatt hours used.)(This is the same as: gas units used x 31.3 = kilowatt hours used)

If you have a metric meter, you do not need to use the imperial to metric conversion factor (2.83). In this case, the rough estimate is to multiply the metric units by 11 instead of 31.3.


Having established the kilowatt hours, go to the domestic calculator on the website and enter the information requested. Use E.On, as the supplier and StayWarm as the tariff. Enter your payment type and meter type etc. Then input the number of kWh's for gas and electricity & how much you pay.

When you click "View Results" you will see a list of the suppliers and how much they would each charge for the number of kWh's that you entered.

The saving column displays the amount you could save by switching supplier and the percentage saving available.

Note: Some tariffs are capped/fixed, which mean the price show will be fixed until the period stated. Other tariffs are not capped/fixed, which means suppliers are free to change their prices.

Click here to go to the price comparison calculator at


Make sure you review your calculations carefully and bear in mind the benefits of staying with StayWarm before making a decision to switch to another supplier. Consider if the next winter is very long and cold, will it be better to stay with a fixed price supplier.

The StayWarm scheme can be excellent for some people and is well worth considering whether to join or to stay joined with them.

The calculations above are provided as a guide only and you should check the calculations and overview carefully before making a change. only provides this information to assist and is not responsible for any decisions that you make using this guidance. Please take care and check before switching.

Further Information

The StayWarm website contains full information about the scheme. The StayWarm website is at

We welcome any feedback concerning this page, especially if you have suggestions to make the comparison calculations easier, please email us at

We hope you find this page useful and welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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