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Updated on: 10/01/2014

Following the price rise announcements made in October, where 5 of the big 6 announced significant increases in their gas and electricity prices which take effect between November and January, consumers finally have a glimmer of hope.

After changes to energy policies announced by the government, some energy suppliers have announced that they will pass on the savings generated (expected to be £50) onto their customers. Find out exactly what these price decreases will mean for your energy bill in the table below. To keep up to date with any further price changes, sign up to our newsletter by entering your email address in the yellow box to the right.

Average bills shown are based on medium annual usage of 3,100kWh of electric and 12,500kWh of gas on each suppliers 'standard' tariff, and are averaged across all 14 regions of the UK.

Supplier Average bill original Announced increase Average bill after increase Announced decrease New average bill Overall change Price cut effective from:
£1,257.62 10.1% £1,384.86 2.6% £1,352.19 +£94.57 March 2014
£1,271.19 8.6% £1,380.51 3.3% £1,338.56 +£67.37 February 2014
£1,270.40 9.2% £1,388.05 3.2% £1,346.62 +£76.22 January 2014
£1,274.17 8.2% £1,378.66 4% £1,327.69 +£53.52 April 2014
£1,251.34 3.9% £1,300.14 None £1,300.14 +£48.80 ?
£1,260.52 3.7% £1,307.16 None £1,307.16 +£46.64 ?

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