What is the average energy bill?

Trying to calculate the average energy bill is somewhat tricky as there are many different elements that contribute to how much you pay for your gas and electricity, such as the region of the country you live in, how much energy you use and how you choose to pay for your energy.

However, in the table below we have provided some indicative usage amounts and subsequent costs based on the cheapest energy tariffs currently available on the market. If your energy bill looks more expensive than the numbers shown below, then you may be paying too much for your gas and electricity. If this is the case why not compare energy tariffs to see which cheaper deals are available for you?

Cheapest average energy bill by house size

  Monthly Bill Quarterly Bill Annual Bill See best deals...
Small House / Flat (1) £53 £159 £634 Continue »
Medium House (2) £77 £230 £919 Continue »
Large House (3) £105 £316 £1,263 Continue »

If your energy bills seems high compared to these numbers then you could well be paying too much and you may not be on the cheapest tariff available to you. Enter your postcode below to quickly and easily compare all UK tariffs and find out how much money you could save.

Estimated energy usage

For our calculations we have used the following annual energy usage amounts which are based on industry figures:

  • (1) Small House / Flat - gas usage of 9,000kWh and an electricity usage of 2,000kWh
  • (2) Medium House - gas usage of 13,500kWh and an electricity usage of 3,200kWh
  • (3) Large House - gas usage of 19,000kWh and an electricity usage of 4,900kWh

The bills shown are the cheapest average standard tariff in the market, correct as of 31/01/2015

Home gas and electricity price comparison

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