Who is the cheapest energy provider?

Trying to define the cheapest energy provider or gas and electricity tariff isn't necessarily straightforward, as each provider has a number of different tariffs available with different features that would suit different people. Also, each energy supplier has different costs depending on where in the country you live and how you prefer to pay your gas and electricity bills. Having said that we can still look at the cheapest gas and electricity tariffs available.

The table below shows the cheapest dual fuel tariffs currently available through UK Power. This table assumes you will pay by monthly direct debit and have a average level of energy usage. Generally speaking, the cheapest tariffs are typically online tariffs where the customer pays via monthly direct debit, however this may not be suitable for every customer so it's best to carry out a full comparison to find the best cheap energy plan for you.


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Supplier Tariff Average Annual Bill*  
Extra Energy Fresh Fixed Price April 2016 v1 £928 Continue »
Sainsbury's Energy SE Fixed Price April 2016 £930 Continue »
first:utility iSave Fixed May 2016 £933 Continue »
Green Star Energy Rate Saver 18 Month Fixed 1503 (online billing) £943 Continue »
Co-operative Energy Fair & Square May 2016 £944 Continue »
Scottish Power Online Fixed Price Energy April 2016 £949 Continue »
GB Energy Premium Energy Saver £951 Continue »
npower Fixed Energy June 2016 £955 Continue »
Green Star Energy Rate Saver 18 Month Fixed 1503 £958 Continue »
EDF Energy Blue+Price Promise July 2016 £964 Continue »

*Based on usage of 3,200kWh of electric per year and 13,500kWh of gas per year. Shows average price across all regions. Assumes payment is made by monthly direct debit. Only showing tariffs which are generally available across most of the UK

Please note: not all of these tariffs will be available to everybody, so the best way to find the cheapest energy plan for you is to compare the whole market. This takes just a couple of minutes and is easy to do using our fully Ofgem accredited energy comparison tool – just enter your postcode below.

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