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Every penny counts when you running your own small business, so paying over the odds for your energy is a dent in your overheads you can do without. The good news is that simply switching small business energy provider could cut your bills by hundreds of pounds a year.

Our business energy experts find and compare the latest deals to make sure we find the best gas and electricity rates for your small business - saving you time, money and hassle.

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"Don't switch" is good advice for households. But business energy is different and there's no price cap to protect you*. "Compare now" is good advice for businesses!

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*with no price cap in place for businesses, some out of contract rates are up between 15% and 120%

Why compare energy prices for small business?

If your business has been lingering on the same old energy tariff for some time now, the chances are you won’t be getting the best deal on the market – and just like with domestic energy, switching tariff or even provider can instantly cut costs.

All businesses, even small enterprises, usually consume more electricity than the average home, and so it’s often possible to negotiate with suppliers to get a better price.

If your business operates across various locations, say you’ve a small chain of coffee shops or run a couple of hair salons, you may be able to negotiate an even better deal as part of a multi-site energy contract.

But to find the best electricity prices for small business or get the best commercial gas rates, you'll need to ring around each supplier and get quotes from each - not only are there no dual fuel options available for small businesses, there are no off-the-shelf tariffs to choose from, meaning all energy contracts are designed to meet the needs of each individual business.

As you can imagine, this can be pretty time consuming - time most business owners simply don't have on their hands - and so that why it makes sense to let the small business energy experts at UKPower do all the hard work for you.

We can compare quotes from our trusted panel of suppliers in minutes and will take care of the switch from start to finish, leaving you with more time to take care of business.

If you need to find the best electricity prices for micro business or businesses run from home, we can sort that too. But it's worth considering that micro business energy contracts work a little different to SME energy deals - to find out more, check out our micro business energy guide page.

What happens when your small business energy contract ends?

As soon as your current small business energy deal ends, your supplier will automatically put you on its more expensive out-of-contract rates. This is similar to what happens when your domestic fixed rate contract ends, and your supplier puts you on its standard variable rate tariff.

In both cases, vital to compare electricity prices for small business and switch to a better deal before this happens.

Remember, it's not worth comparing business energy prices until your current deal enters its renewal window, which is usually between one and six months before its end date. Don’t worry if you don’t know when this is, when your contract enters this window your supplier should send you a letter detailing their offer of a new deal.

Or, if you make the switch with UKPower, we'll automatically compare deals when your renewal window opens and let you know how much you could save by switching to the best deal on the market.

It’s unlikely this offer will be competitive, so instead of accepting it, use it as a figure to work with when comparing tariffs from other suppliers. Switching with us mean you don’t need to worry about being rolled onto an expensive rate or missing your renewal window, as we’ll make sure you’re on the best deal for your business, year-after-year.

If you switch to a new deal with a different supplier, your old supplier will send a final bill once your contract with them expires, and may ask for a final meter reading to ensure the bill is accurate. You'll also be given a date by which this final bill has to be paid.

If you’ve not arranged a new deal by this point, you will be moved onto a rollover contract, or deemed rates, depending on your circumstances and supplier.

How can UKPower help increase your profits?

Although energy is our bread and butter, we can also help you save on a range of additional business expenses including broadband, chip and pin, insurance and telephone services. The money you save on all these services can be put back into your business to help update equipment, take on more staff or increase your profit margin.

If you’re interested in reducing the amount you spend on gas and electricity and are looking to invest that money into other aspects of your small business, compare and switch providers with UK Power. Our energy experts can help you save by comparing and find the best deals the market has to offer. Our service is 100% impartial and completely free of charge, you’ve got nothing to lose.

So, what are you waiting for? Simply give our team a call on 0800 688 8773 and one of our energy experts will take a few details before comparing the latest energy deals for small businesses.