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Although you may not be aware of it, gas and electricity prices can vary from region to region. An energy supplier will often charge different amounts depending on where the gas and electricity supply address is located. The average price that you pay for energy in your region is typically influenced by three factors:

  1. How much energy your supplier purchases from generators in your area.
    An energy supplier will make predictions about consumer demand, and if they require surplus energy above this prediction, you can expect the price of energy to rise
  2. How much energy your supplier sells in your area.
    If you live in a remote area, with limited households to purchase energy then a supplier will recuperate the cost of supplying by charging more for energy in this area.
  3. If the local distribution network (LDN) for your area imposes additional charges on your supplier. An LDN is often used by energy suppliers to distribute energy around your region. If your region’s LDN decides to impose additional charges on your supplier, then these charges will be passed through the cost of your gas and electricity.

Gas and electricity prices by region

If you want to know how your region’s gas and electricity pricing compares to the rest of the country, take a look at the table below.

Region Incumbent Dual Fuel
Bill for Region
Cheapest Dual Fuel
Bill for Region
East Anglia £1,046 £698
East Midlands £1,030 £681
London £1,037 £711
North East £1,041 £693
North West £1,065 £694
Scotland £1,060 £669
South East £1,059 £721
South West £1,063 £721
Wales £1,079 £724
West Midlands £1,030 £702
Yorkshire-Humberside £1,029 £677

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