Solar Panels

Make up to £628 per year with solar panels and a feed-in tariff! Save money on your energy bills as you produce your own energy. For up to 4 free quotes use our boiler quotes service.

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  • Save money on your energy bills as you produce your own energy
  • Get paid for the energy you generate even if you use it yourself
  • Earn even more for the energy you feed back into the grid
  • Help reduce the production of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases
  • Reducing your dependence on non-renewable energy
  • Help create new jobs in renewable energy industries

Earnings and savings

Consumers with a typical 3kWp Solar panel system could make combined saving and income of £628 per year.

Average annual payment from
the Feed-in Tariff scheme
Average annual earnings from
exporting back to the grid
Annual savings on your electricity bill £173
Total annual earning and savings £628
Total 20 year benefit £12,560

How solar PV works

  • Prices for Solar PV systems start at around £4,799 (inc. VAT). Costs vary according to the type and size of the panels, and the surface they're mounted on
  • Professional Solar Panel installers will fit the panels for you
  • By signing up to the government's Feed In Tariff scheme you'll be earning money just for generating electricity
  • You can also sign up to a solar panel package offered by a range of energy suppliers
  • Solar PV systems do not normally need servicing as they are built to withstand environmental factors
  • Planning permission is usually not needed

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