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24 October

How Your Office Can Reduce its Carbon Emissions

Solving climate change is an international challenge. However, an individual contribution makes the biggest difference, and the best place to start reducing the carbon footprint is your office. Reducing Carbon Emissions means minimising the CO2 contribution, and fortunately, there are plenty of long-term changes that your business can implement to become more sustainable. We’ve outlined some simple ways to help your company save energy and reduce your greenhouse gas footprint without breaking the bank.

14 October

Fact or Fiction: The truth about switching your business energy

Small and medium-sized British businesses (SMEs) waste £1.7 billion a year on gas. Many UK SMEs realise that they have been overpaying for business energy but do not reach out for lower cost options due to false beliefs. We have dispelled some of the most common energy switching myths to show that cutting energy costs can be a no-brainer.

04 October

What is collective purchasing and switching?

The Collective Energy Switching Scheme allows thousands of customers to come together and seek the best energy deal that is available in the energy market. Together we have been and are able to find you the best deal and an easy way to switch.

26 September

What do you need to know about nuclear power?

Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of nuclear powered energy, along with how the development of the Hinkley Point C will affect domestic energy prices.

14 September

How to bleed your radiators in five easy steps

If your radiators are not heating up your home properly it might be due to the air bubbles trapped in the system. The bubbles prevent the normal flow of the hot water resulting in a colder home and higher energy bills.

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