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22 June

How will the general election result affect your business?

It’s been a week since the general election, and that dramatic results night, which essentially saw the two main parties simultaneously claim both victory and defeat.

20 June

Is your energy bill set to soar before the end of summer?

The heatwave may have only just started, but if you’re on one of the many energy deals that are due to expire before the end of August, it’s time to start thinking about making the switch to a new tariff.

06 June

Manifesto for General Election 2017: Key points, policies and summary

With last week’s debates over and the general election looming, we look at the main points and policies of the Conservative party’s manifesto. After tough criticism, Theresa may has already circled back on some promises made both before and in the manifesto. Just weeks after the release of the manifesto, and days before the general election, how are the Conservative policies holding up?

12 May

Promise of a cap on rip-off energy bills

In a recent comment in The Sun, the Prime Minister, Theresa May, stated: “Like millions of working families, I am fed up with rip-off energy prices”. She’s of the opinion that energy companies are raking in increased profits and this is have a direct effect on millions of families in the UK to tune of around £1.4 billion.

04 May

Why Don’t Businesses Understand Their Energy Bills?

Recent research has highlighted that an alarming number of employees and business owners struggle to understand their energy bills. Between hidden charges and difficulties making direct comparisons between suppliers, it’s not always easy to work out if you’re overpaying for energy. To help, here is a breakdown of what you should expect to find on your energy bill, and a breakdown of the costs that are included.

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