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03 February

BT announces price increases

Telecoms provider BT has announced that it’ll be increasing its Broadband and call package prices, as well a charging its TV customers for BT Sport.

14 December

How to stop nuisance calls?

Recently, some people may have received unsolicited sales and marketing calls – also known as nuisance calls - promoting boiler cover and other products using the name UKPower. Please note, this type of aggressive cold calling is not something that we agree with, or partake in.

30 November

GB Energy Collapse: What you need to know

On 26th November, domestic energy provider GB Energy announced that they have ceased trading, leaving 160,000 households at risk of facing higher energy bills. The company blamed rising oil prices and the increase on wholesale gas and electricity costs. Due to these difficulties, GB Energy is the first budget energy provider that has stopped trading this winter. If you were affected by the closure of GB Energy, here are the key facts you need to know to keep your energy bills in check:

24 October

How Your Office Can Reduce its Carbon Emissions

Solving climate change is an international challenge. However, an individual contribution makes the biggest difference, and the best place to start reducing the carbon footprint is your office. Reducing Carbon Emissions means minimising the CO2 contribution, and fortunately, there are plenty of long-term changes that your business can implement to become more sustainable. We’ve outlined some simple ways to help your company save energy and reduce your greenhouse gas footprint without breaking the bank.

14 October

Fact or Fiction: The truth about switching your business energy

Small and medium-sized British businesses (SMEs) waste £1.7 billion a year on gas. Many UK SMEs realise that they have been overpaying for business energy but do not reach out for lower cost options due to false beliefs. We have dispelled some of the most common energy switching myths to show that cutting energy costs can be a no-brainer.


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