Gas and electricity news

15 June

National Grid are Preparing for Kick-Off

National Grid forecasts more people will be tuning in to watch England vs Wales than any other fixture in the group stage so are preparing for a surge in electricity demand.

08 June

Save Money on Your Energy Bills When Moving Home

Moving house? Follow our tips to make sure you don't get caught out by high energy bills!

26 April

Join Our Third Collective Energy Switch

Save on your domestic energy bills and join our third collective switch! We'll negotiate the best tariff for you.

14 April

Spring Clean Your (Energy) Finances

Spring is a time of change and by making a few simple changes to the way you use energy can mean big savings on your energy bills! Read our ideas of how you can make big savings this spring.

24 March

Treat Your Team by Switching Your Business Energy

At you can save an average £1150 by switching your business energy tariff with us. Why not spend this saving on treating your team? We're giving you some ideas of how!

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