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When it comes to business expenses, gas and electricity are not the only costs we can help you reduce.

  • We provide instant business electricity prices from all major suppliers.
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When it comes to business expenses, gas and electricity are not the only costs we can help you reduce.


Whatever size your company may be, we are so confident that we can reduce your costs that we guarantee to save you at least £1,000. If we fail, we’ll pay you the difference that makes it up to £1,000* anyway.

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Learn more about business gas

There are all sorts of costs that go into making up your energy bill, but there are just two charges you need to consider when comparing business gas prices:

  • Unit cost - The price you pay for each unit of gas (measured in kWh) your business uses.
  • Standing charge - A daily charge that covers the maintenance of the national grid, and the cost of transporting gas direct to your business premises.

These are the two main costs that make up your monthly gas bill, and so will make the biggest difference to the price you'll pay for the gas your business uses.

Each business uses gas in different ways and in different volumes, which means it can be difficult to work out an accurate estimate for your individual business. That's why providers work on a scale of average prices based upon the size of the business. The table below should give you an idea of how much energy your business should be using, as well how much you can expect to pay in unit costs and standing charges.

Business Size Annual usage Price per kWh Standing charge Avg. annual cost
Micro business 5,000 - 15,000 4.0p 32.0p £516
Small business 15,000 - 30,000 3.8p 30.0p £965
Medium business 30,000 - 65,000 3.5p 28.0p £1,502

You also need to consider there are two different types of commercial gas tariff on offer and switching to the right one at renewal could save your business as much as 70% on its gas bills, they are:

  • Fixed term deals - these lock you into an agreed rate for a set period and are a great way to protect against any price hikes. On the flipside, if prices fall your price will still be fixed and you'll not see any of the benefit.
  • Variable tariffs - these are usually rolling contracts with no fixed term and need careful consideration as the rate can go up or down, depending upon the energy market.

If you're business is paying anything above the average rates, it's time to switch to a better deal.

No matter how big or small your business, we're confident our completely free and 100% impartial business gas comparison service can find you a cheaper deal.

The thing is, all businesses are different - no matter how similar two businesses may seem, they'll have different energy demands, and that's why there are no 'off-the-shelf' business energy tariffs available.

Instead, your contracts will be designed to meet the unique energy demands of your business, so it's hard to say exactly how much your business could save without comparing business gas prices.

How much you pay each year, and how much you can save by switching, depends upon things like the size of your company, the size of its premises, the number of employees, and its overall energy efficiency.

Businesses that use a lot of gas can often negotiate better rates to help keep bills lower, but that higher demand, coupled with rising wholesale costs, as well as taxes and environmental levies, mean gas bills can quickly get out of hand.

That's' why it's so important to compare business gas prices online or over the phone with our experts, to make sure you're on the best deal for your business - if you don't agree a new deal, either with your current supplier or a new one, you'll be rolled onto an expensive rate, and may even be tied in for another year.

Our team of energy experts can offer advice on how to give termination notice to your current energy provider and deal with any supplier objections that might arise, before getting you the best deal on business gas.

A quick phone call is all it takes for us to take down a few details about your business and its energy use, and we can run a business gas price comparison to find the best deal for you. Once we've found a tariff that suits, we'll take you through each step of the switching process to ensure a hassle-free move.

Our service is 100% impartial and completely free, so you can be sure we're working in the best interests of your business and there'll be no hidden fees.

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