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Amid the excitement and hectic chaos of moving home it can be easy to overlook smaller details such as sorting out your energy bills but it’s something that you should do your best to take care of. Below are the actions you need to take regarding your energy supplier when moving property.

Before you leave your previous property

Be sure to take meter readings from your electricity meter (also your gas meter if you have one) on the day you leave your house. You will then need to call up your energy supplier for that property and let them know that you are moving out and provide them with your meter reading(s). This will ensure that your bill doesn’t include any of the next resident’s energy usage.

The new owners should also do the same when they move in to ensure that they aren’t paying for any of your usage, but there is no harm in being fastidious and ensuring the energy supplier has received your readings.

It is actually possible for you to take your energy tariff and account with you to your new property, for example if you signed up to a good deal on a fixed rate tariff and you don’t want to lose your entitlement to those prices. If this is something you’d like to do you should speak to your existing energy supplier about this.

When you move into your new property

As mentioned above, you should be sure to take meter readings soon after moving in and get in touch with the existing energy supplier to let them know that you have moved in and will be taking over the payments for the energy bills. This will ensure that you aren’t paying for any of the previous resident’s energy usage. If you’re not sure who currently supplies your new homes energy you can check our ‘who is my energy supplier’ page.

At the same time, it is a good idea to check what tariff you are currently on. If you haven’t moved over your tariff from your previous property then it is highly likely you will be on the suppliers ‘standard’ tariff. This is typically the most expensive tariff the supplier will have available, so you will probably want to consider comparing all energy tariffs on the market to find a better deal. You can do this using our free energy comparison service. Just click here and enter your postcode to get started.

Prepayment meters

In some properties you may find a prepayment meter is installed. This is especially likely if the house is a rented property or used to be a rented property. If this is the case, you will probably want to try and get the prepayment meter removed as they provide the most expensive way to pay for your gas and electricity.

If you have bought the house you are moving into then you should be able to call up your energy supplier and arrange for them to come and remove the meter and replace it with a standard credit meter.

If you are renting the property then it may be a little more tricky, as many landlords like to use prepayment meters to stop tenants building up any debt on the properties energy bills, but you could discuss the possibility of getting the meter changed with your landlord. For more information see our prepayment meter page.

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