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Why switch your home energy with UKPower.co.uk?

UK Power is an energy comparison site. We compare gas and electricity suppliers to help you find the cheapest energy prices, switch to a better deal and cut the cost of their bills!

Saving is quick

It only takes five minutes to switch to a better deal, and you could save more than £482* on your annual energy bills.

Saving is easy

We compare tariffs from a wide range of suppliers, and show you how much you could save by switching - just choose the best deal, and we'll take care of the rest.

Switching is free

You'll pay nothing. The commission is paid by suppliers, and this will not affect the price of any tariff you sign up to using our service.

Switching is hassle-free

The switch should take no longer than 17 days, and there'll be no disruption to your service - gas and electricity will be supplied through the same pipes and cables.

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  • Why compare energy prices online?
  • What energy deals can you compare online?
  • How to compare cheap energy deals online
  • What happens when you switch energy supplier?
  • When is the best time to switch energy supplier?

Why compare energy prices online?

Comparing energy prices online is the quickest and simplest way to find the best gas and electricity deals currently available. Once you find a deal that suits, you cna instantly switch supplier so you're on a tariff that better suits your needs and your budget.

Comparing gas and electric prices and switching supplier could save you as much as £482* on your annual energy bills. You can then cut your bills even further by making a few simple changes around the home, such as dropping the temperature on the thermostat by a degree or two, and not leaving appliances on standby. For more energy saving tips, check out our energy saving advice page.

You won’t be charged a penny when you compare prices online or over the phone with us, and we’ll be able to find cheap energy tariffs to suit your needs in a matter of minutes. Once you’ve found the best energy prices, we’ll handle the switch for you, which will be completed in around two weeks.

If you’re wondering how we make money when you change energy supplier, instead of charging our customers, we receive commission from the new supplier each time someone agrees to switch suppliers with us. Your supplier won’t add our commission onto the gas and electric prices you pay, so you won’t pay any less by going directly to the supplier.

Comparing gas and electricity switch offers with us is the only way to instantly compare the whole market, to make sure you’re paying the best energy prices.

What energy deals can you compare online?

Comparing energy gas and electricity prices online is the simplest and quickest to find the best energy prices to help lower your household budget.

Our energy comparison tool allows you to compare gas tariffs and compare electricity tariffs individually, or you can compare dual fuel deals to see if you can save even more money by getting your electricity and gas from the same supplier.

It’s also worth considering an online energy tariff, which allows you to manage your account via an app or from your home computer. Online account management allows you to log in to your account at any time to see how much energy you’re using, input any meter readings and pay your bills.

And you can compare between fixed rate and variable rate tariffs, to work out which deal will save you the most money – although a variable rate tariff could see your gas and electrictity bills lowered if energy prices go down, we usually recommend tying into a fixed rate deal to lock prices in and avoid higher bills when suppliers put their prices up.

How to compare cheap energy deals online

The energy experts at UKPower can help you find the best energy prices available, either online or over the phone on 0800 320 2000.

You can instantly compare energy prices online and switch gas and electricity supplier in three simple steps:

  1. Enter your postcode and some details about your current supplier into our price comparison tool.
  2. Compare energy deals from a wide range of providers, including the Big Six and the smaller suppliers.
  3. Choose the deal that’s best for you, and let us take care of the rest.

For us to return the most accurate quotes, it helps if you can check your latest gas and electricity bills to find out exactly how much gas and electricity you use. Don’t worry if you don’t have this information to hand, we can still find energy comparison rates based up on the size and type of house you live in.

What happens when you switch energy supplier?

Once you’ve agreed to switch energy supplier, your new energy supplier will contact your old one and agree a switching date. With this agreed, your new supplier will send you a welcome pack outlining the terms of your new deal, as well as any next steps you need to take, such as supplying meter readings to make sure your first bill is accurate.

There’ll be no disruption to your service, your power won’t be cut off, and there’ll be no digging or drilling at your property – the gas and electricity will still enter your home through the same pipes and cables, it’s just the company supplying it and the rates you pay that will change.

The whole switch should take no longer than 17 days, which includes a 14-day cooling off period.

When is the best time to switch energy supplier?

Energy prices are going up and down all the time, but it’s anyone’s guess when suppliers will pass on those changes to customers. And the regular turnover of tariffs can make it even more difficult to work out the best time to switch.

Our energy experts recommend comparing energy prices every six-to-nine months, to make sure you’re with the cheapest utility provider.
And it’s always worth switching energy in the following circumstances:

  • You haven’t switched in over a year – If it’s been a year since you last switched, there’s a good chance your fixed rate deal has ended and you’ll have been moved onto a more expensive variable tariff.
  • Prices are about to go up – When one energy supplier puts up prices, the rest usually follow suit soon after. So, if you hear of any price rises on the horizon, switch to a fixed-rate deal to lock the lower rates in for 12 months or more.
  • Winter is on the way – We all use more energy to light and heat our homes in winter, which means our energy bills will be higher during the darker, colder months. But you can cut those winter bills by switching to a better energy deal before the temperature drops.
  • Your current deal is about to expire – Most fixed-rate tariffs lock prices in for 12 months, and will often charge a penalty if you cut the deal short and switch early. Even so, you can compare energy plans and switch to a new deal, without incurring an early exit penalty, 49 days before your current tariff’s end date.

*Between 1 Jan 2019 and 30 June 2019, at least 10% of people who switched energy supplier for both gas & electricity with uSwitch saved £477 or more.

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Quickly compare your energy and save up to £477*

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