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Looking to switch your business energy supplier? Click here Limited
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PLEASE NOTE: is independent from all Gas or Electricity Suppliers. does not supply directly. is here to help make it easy for people to compare gas and electricity suppliers and switch you to a cheaper deal, saving you time and money.

Enquiries and Feedback

If you have any questions on the domestic site, please first check the FAQ's section above.

Home Energy Helpline

Please call us on 0800 860 6866 and follow the instructions for help with your switch, to follow up on your switch or to receive a quote on the telephone.

Business Quotations and enquiries

For a business quotation, please visit our Business Energy pages or alternatively call us on 0800 326 5517.

For new business gas or electricity meter connections, please visit our new meters pages below:


For information on how to complain to, please click here.
Telephone:0800 156 0899

Supplier Contact Details

PLEASE NOTE: is not associated with any Gas or Electricity Suppliers.
For supplier contact details, please refer to your bill or check local directory enquiries.
Alternatively, please refer to their website.

Partnerships and Affiliate enquiries

Any enquiries with regards to invoicing, please contact the finance team at For all enquiries regarding UK Power's affiliate programme or partnership opportunities please contact Partners Team.

Contact:Partners Team

Media and Press enquiries

Contact:Media and Press Team

Other enquiries

Contact:Customer Service Team

Postal enquiries

Main Office: Limited
5th Floor, Lloyds Chambers
1 Portsoken Street
E1 8BT

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