Energy comparison FAQs

*Between 1 July and 31 December 2020, people who have switched energy supplier for both gas & electricity with Uswitch saved an average of £216

Switching your gas and/or electricity supplier can feel daunting, but in reality, the process is fairly simple. This page provides links to various guides and resources about the switching process, whether for home or business:

Any problems or questions, give us a call on 0800 326 5517.

This page will also assist in finding answers to questions you have about switching suppliers. It also provides information about this site.

Who is UKPower?

UKPower Ltd is an independent and impartial gas and electricity price comparison and switching site that was set up in 2001. Our aim is to make it easy for people at home and in business to compare gas, electricity and dual fuel prices between energy suppliers and switch to a better deal.

We gather data from all suppliers and other third party sources and we have developed price comparison calculators to make it easy for you to compare all suppliers and tariffs, ordered by cost or service rating.

We earn our income from a small referral fee if you switch to a new energy supplier using this website. This referral fee does not affect the price you pay, and this comparison service is provided to you for free.

UKPower Service Standards

We welcome feedback and suggestions on how to improve our service and will consider all suggestions. We strive for high standards of customer service and will respond to any complaints or enquiries within 2 working days. Complaints will be handled quickly, effectively, fairly, and confidentially. In case of disputes, we will keep you informed about progress. In the event of a complaint or difficulty, please use our complaints form to contact UKPower via e-mail.

How is UKPower's energy comparison free to use?

Our service to you is free of charge. We do not collect any payments through our website, nor do we enter into any direct contracts for the supply of electricity or gas. When you switch your gas and/or supplier with us, we handle the switching process for you and are paid through commissions that are paid to us by the supplier. The price the supplier will charge you is the price shown on our website.

How does UKPower make money through referral fees?

Some, but not all, suppliers pay a referral fee to UKPower for new customers. This does not affect the presentation of results in any way as we show results with complete impartiality. All suppliers and tariffs are listed on this website regardless of commercial arrangements.

We appreciate your custom and encourage you to switch to your new supplier through the links on our web site. We depend on your support by using our links to apply to new suppliers, and this helps to finance the operation of this free service.

Is the UKPower website secure?

All areas on the website where we collect sensitive information are protected through SSL. This ensures that all sensitive data collected is fully encrypted before being sent to us. The areas of the website protected through SSL will be visually represented by a padlock symbol that appears in the address bar or status bar of your browser.

As part of our ongoing relationship with the energy suppliers, we are audited by external security consultants to ensure that all data is collected and stored in a secure way.

We do not pass on any of your details to any third party other than the energy supplier that you are switching to.