The Simple Flowchart Guide to
Switching Your Energy Supplier

Switching your energy supplier is an incredibly simple way to lower your monthly outgoings. Taking just a couple of minutes to enter your details and compare a list of quotes could save you potentially hundreds of pounds every year, and the process itself couldn’t be easier.

UK Power’s Flowchart Guide to Switching Your Energy Supplier provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to get started.

Are you happy with how you currently pay for your energy, e.g. Direct Debit, cash or cheque, pre-paid meter?

Do you know how much energy you use per month?

The switching process will then take 3-5 weeks*.

First of all... do you want to switch?

Do you know who your current energy supplier is?

Do you know your existing tariff(s)?

Do you know what kind of tariff(s) you want - fixed or variable?

Once you’ve chosen your new supplier and applied to switch, the supplier will receive your application within 24 hours.

Your old supplier will then contact you for a final meter reading so that you can be billed correctly.

Great! But can you switch? Find out if any of these obstacles might apply to you.

You’re ready to start saving!

If you have any questions about making the switch, are looking for some advice on which options may best suit your circumstances or would just like some help, please give us a call on:

0800 188 4906

*All suppliers will be required to switch customers within 3 days of the cooling-off period by the end of 2014.