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*Between 1 July and 31 December 2020, people who have switched energy supplier for both gas & electricity with Uswitch saved an average of £216

What affects energy prices?

There are all kinds of reasons why of gas and electricity prices change, including supply and demand, availability, wholesale costs, transport costs, and infrastructure maintenance.

Even the consequences of a conflict or a natural disaster in an in oil-rich country can impact production and accessibility, which in turn will affect the price we pay to boil a kettle, or fire up the central heating here in the UK.

How to beat rising gas and electricity price rises

One of the simplest ways to beat any energy price increase is to compare the latest energy tariffs and tie yourself into a fixed rate deal – even if you only fix your energy prices for 12 months, this should be enough to dodge at least one round of price hikes.

It also helps to be more energy efficient – the less gas and electricity you use, the lower your bills will be – so consider how you can save energy around the home. This can involve some simple tweaks to your routine, such as dropping the thermostat by a degree and not leaving appliances on standby, or making some larger-scale changes, such as installing loft insulation, fitting a new boiler, and replacing old white goods with energy-saving models.

For more ways to save energy and save money on your bills, check out How to reduce your electricity and gas usage.

2018 Gas prices and electricity prices update

The table below is updated with the latest updated energy prices for 2018. We update our energy comparison tables as soon as any new energy tariffs are announced, and although it may be some time before they actually come into effect, these will be the prices you pay if you switch energy supplier.

Please note that commercial users are not directly affected by the price updates below. For business electricity or commercial gas prices please check our business energy pages.

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