Multi-site quotations

Competitive energy quotes for businesses with more than five sites

Not only can you make great savings on your gas & electricity bills, but by moving all your sites to the same supplier it will help you to keep better control over your energy bills!

Get a Multi-Site Business Energy Quote

Larger businesses have unique needs, particularly when it comes to business energy. For our customers who have a range of sites and meters we offer a multi-site quotation service. It doesn’t matter how many sites you have, if you’re looking to switch your large business energy then we can help!

Switching energy at a number of sites at once can be a complex and time-consuming process. We take all the hassle out of it for you! Even if all of your tariffs aren’t due for renewal at the same time, our friendly and knowledgeable advisors will be able to advise you of the best way to switch – helping your business to run more efficiently!

After gathering all of the necessary information relating to your energy needs, we are able to source energy quotes from the entire energy market including the ‘Big Six’ as well as independent suppliers. Our advisors will be able to work on your behalf to negotiate the most competitive energy deal available for your needs – suppliers will often give discounts for multiple sites.

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Multi-site quotations

If you have more than five sites, please fill in this form below. To compare energy prices for a single meter, please visit the business electricity and business gas quotes pages.

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What is a multi-site energy contract?

The more meters you have, the more contracts you need to renew or renegotiate – this not only takes up time that could be better spent elsewhere but if you don’t renew before your contracts end, you could end up paying over the odds for your energy.

A multi-site energy deal means you can consolidate all of your energy supply into one package, with one supplier and one renewal date – a simple way to save on potentially large business energy bills.

What are the benefits of a multi-site energy contract?

Having all of your gas and electricity under the same umbrella means you’ll save both time and money – having just one renewal date to consider means you’ll not have to keep on top of multiple contracts and there’s less chance of being bumped onto a standard, more expensive tariff.

Not only that, but a multi-site energy contract means you’re effectively buying your energy in bulk, which means there’s room to negotiate a better deal when that renewal finally does roll around.

How UK Power can help you switch to a multi-site energy contract

If you’ve multiple gas and electricity meters on the go, switching energy can be a real hassle and certainly not something you should tackle alone - if you’ve ten or more meters to switch, dealing with all those business energy comparisons could take up valuable time you simply can’t afford.

The good news is we can do all the leg work for you, just get in touch with our energy experts - once they’ve taken all your details they can run comparisons across all the UK commercial energy suppliers to figure out the best deal for your business.

We get quotes from the entire energy market, from the Big Six to the smaller independents, so you can be sure your business is getting the best deal available.

Even if your tariffs are up for renewal at different times, our energy experts will be able to advise you of the best way to switch – and the best bit is it won’t cost your business a single penny.

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