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UKPower.co.uk compares all gas and electricity suppliers in the market, not just the big six energy companies. We compare all the tariffs and calculate the costs, together with convenient links to further information. We work with all the suppliers to ensure up to date energy prices and tariff information.

Home gas and electricity price comparison

Where a tick is present, this means that you are able to switch to that supplier through our website. In this instance we receive a commission fee for each successful switch that is made. Where a tick is NOT present, this means that you are NOT able to switch to that supplier through our website. Should you wish to switch to that tariff/supplier, you’ll need to apply directly.

The suppliers who are supported on UKPower.co.uk pay a referral fee to UKPower.co.uk for new customers to help cover the costs of operating this free Price Comparison Service. This does not affect the way that results are displayed on the UKPower.co.uk website. UKPower.co.uk shows all suppliers and all results, immediately, regardless of commercial arrangements. We go to great lengths to ensure that customers are provided with complete and accurate data. We also seek feedback via our contacts page for any questions or suggestions.

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Latest supplier prices change: 01 October 2015

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