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First Utility is now Shell Energy

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First Utility was the fastest growing energy supplier in the UK and one of the largest independent energy companies - in October 2013 ranked as the seventh largest supplier in the UK, making it the largest outside the Big Six.

This made the company a main challenger to the Big Six providers, and it was a supplier that was committed to helping reduce energy bills by offering cheaper tariffs and helping customers to save energy using innovative technology.

First Utility campaigned for positive change in the industry, whether to make switching faster and easier or to make sure that customers don't pay too much and that big companies make too much at the expense of those customers.

First Utilty is now Shell Energy

The rebranding from First Utility to Shell Energy came in 2019, following the oil and gas giant’s acquisition of the supplier in 2018, as part of its New Energies division.

Shell New Energies focuses on two main areas:

  1. New fuels for transport, such as advanced biofuels and hydrogen
  2. Domestic and business energy, including electricity generation and supply.

Shell aims to make electricity a significant part of its business, and will supply 100% renewable electricity under the Shell Energy brand, alongside gas, broadband and smart home technology.

What if I was a First Utiltiy customer?

If you had an energy deal with First Utilty, this will have been taken over by Shell Energy, there's no need for you to do anything. Your gas and electricity will still be supplied through the exisiting pipes and cables, and your fixed rate deal will still have the same terms applied, it's just that you'll now be billed by Shell Energy instead of First Utiltiy.

If your First Utility energy deal is due to end soon, you need to compare energy deals and switch to a new deal, to avoid being rolled onto Shell Energy's more expensive standard variable rate tariff.

To get the most accurate quotes, grab a recent energy bill and try to have the following details to hand:

  • The name of your current gas and electricity supplier
  • How you pay your energy bills (direct debit, prepayment meter, etc.)
  • The name of the current tariff you’re on
  • The amount of energy you use, or the amount you spend on energy each month, quarter or year.

Don’t worry if you don't have this information available, we can still run quotes based upon the size of your property.

Our service is free and impartial, and our experts compare prices across the market to find a tariff that suits your needs and your budget.

How to switch energy supplier

Switching energy supplier is a quick and easy way to save money on your monthly gas and electricity bills.