Nuclear power

28 March

What is the UK's energy security strategy?

The UK is experiencing a cost-of-living crisis with energy prices soaring, but can the UK’s energy security strategy help dampen this? Read about it here.

21 March

Could Ukraine conflict accelerate renewables drive?

The UK is overly reliant on gas and fossil fuels for energy, but could the Ukraine conflict accelerate the move to renewables?

21 June

Is it time to go green?

Wind and solar sources now generate more electricity in the UK than fossil fuels – is it time to embrace renewable energy?

15 September

UK dealt nuclear blow

Plans for two new UK nuclear plants have been scrapped after Hitachi pulls out of nuclear power projects in Wales and Gloucestershire.

11 June

Is this the end of fossil fuels?

Britain has passed a major milestone - it’s gone two full months without burning coal to generate power - is this the end of fossil fuels?

02 October

Will Brexit lead to higher energy bills?

The UK’s exit from the European Union (EU) could lead to higher energy bills, according to a House of Lords committee. Here's why we could be paying more from 2019.

28 June

Everything you need to know about nuclear energy

Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of nuclear powered energy, along with how the development of the Hinkley Point C will affect domestic energy prices.

13 February

EDF energy suffers further setbacks to Hinkley Point development

Despite already extending development, EDF this week announced further setbacks to it's controversial nuclear energy plans in Somerset due to lower than anticipated profits.

10 October

The Big Six on Track to Speed Up Switching

It was announced this week the that Big Six energy suppliers are on track to speed up switching times by the end of the year.

18 June

Key figure in nuclear industry says UK should not rely on foreign firms

A key figure in the nuclear energy business has questioned the Government's handling of the power source. Urenco chief executive, Helmut Engelbrecht, was critical of the fact much of the country's nuclear industry now seemed to be becoming reliant on foreign companies. The German head of the enriched-uranium supplier, said: "It's just unfortunate that countries ...