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14 Nov

Parliament to Grant Licence to Drill

The UK's energy landscape is currently in a transitional period, with a growing emphasis on achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. A pivotal step in this journey is the Government's plan to change the licensing process for oil and gas projects in the North Sea.

This move has ignited a debate between political parties and environmental advocates. In this article, we break down the key factors in this development, the contrasting views and how it could affect bill payers down the road.

06 Nov

BP Profits Plunge as Oil Prices Rise Again

Oil and gas behemoth BP recently announced lower-than-expected profits, which has raised a few eyebrows about the potential implications for British bill payers. In this article, we delve into the details of BP's financials and how they could affect consumers in the UK in the long term.

31 Oct

Forced Meter Fittings a Shocking Power Play

In a surprising development, warrants have been granted to allow the forced fitting of prepayment meters in the UK. This decision comes following an uproar surrounding the practice, which had temporarily halted amidst reports of agents breaking into the homes of vulnerable people.

26 Oct

Shining a Light on the Slow Smart Meter Roll-Out

In the digital age, we’re accustomed to the convenience of technology that streamlines our lives and conserves resources. Smart meters, designed to measure and manage electricity and gas consumption, were introduced as a tool to reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

The widespread adoption of these devices has been hampered by concerns over forced switches to prepayment meters and faults, leaving many bill payers sceptical of the benefits.

25 Oct

Ofgem to Crack Down on ‘Shocking’ Customer Service

In a significant move to enhance customer service, the UK's energy regulator, Ofgem, has introduced new rules to prioritise vulnerable customers. These regulations, set to come into effect on 14th December 2023, are a crucial step towards improving customer satisfaction and providing more transparent information to bill payers.

24 Oct

Calls to Pump up Subsidies for Heating Solutions

The UK's journey towards a sustainable, net-zero carbon future has encountered a disappointing roadblock with the heat pumps being adopted much slower than was previously hoped. As the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) has warned, the Government must expand subsidies to meet its ambitious net-zero goals.

17 Oct

Have the UK’s Net Zero Targets Gone Up in Smoke?

The UK has been committed to reducing its carbon footprint and playing a leading role in global efforts to fight climate change. Still, recent policy changes from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak have raised concerns about the country's ability to meet its self-imposed targets.

In a new report, the Climate Change Committee (CCC) warned that the Government's policy shifts could hinder progress in reducing emissions and lead to higher household bills.

16 Oct

Ofgem Pondering Price Increase to Save Suppliers

Ofgem, the UK's energy industry watchdog, is contemplating a £17 annual increase on household energy bills. This decision is a response to growing energy debts, which have reached a staggering £2.6 billion. These debts result from escalating wholesale prices and mounting cost of living pressures. While this potential rise might be concerning for many, the intention is to safeguard consumers and the energy market.

11 Oct

From Gaza to Gas Bills: How Conflicts Affect British Bill Payers

In recent days, the escalating tensions in the Middle East with the Israel-Gaza conflict has drawn global attention. While this conflict may seem distant from British shores, its potential impact on energy prices in the UK is a matter of concern. In this article, we explore the current situation and how it could affect energy prices in the UK.

10 Oct

Can I Claim Back Credit From My Energy Supplier?

If you pay your energy bills by Direct Debit, you may have found yourself in a situation where your account is 'in credit' with your supplier, meaning that your supplier owes you money. Like finding cash in the pocket of an old pair of jeans, this can be a pleasant surprise, but what should you do in this situation? In this guide, we explain how and when to claim back anything your energy supplier may owe you.

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