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23 Aug

Can Industrial Action Impact Your Energy Costs?

Over the past few months, the UK's oil and gas sector has faced uncertainty due to offshore workers in the North Sea voicing their grievances, escalating to the brink of potential strike action. This growing unrest within the workforce has cast a shadow over the entire industry, carrying possible implications for the nation's energy market.

The individuals in question are pivotal in extracting fossil fuels from beneath the North Sea. Any disruption could significantly impact production and send ripples through the supply chain. Balancing the concerns of offshore employees with the need to maintain fuel stability could pose a delicate challenge for both oil and gas firms and the UK government.

This article delves into the current influencing factors and examines their potential ramifications for British enterprises and their energy expenses.

21 Aug

Will Energy Prices Ever Go Back Down?

Factors such as rising demand, limited supplies, storage constraints, and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine have all contributed to spiralling energy prices over the last two years. Consumers are now feeling the pressure of rising bills and are understandably asking: "Will energy prices ever go back down?”

In this article, we examine the current situation in the British energy market and look to answer this question.

17 Aug

What is the Energy Price Cap?

In May, energy regulator Ofgem announced the Energy Price Cap would decrease as of 1st July 2023. This is excellent news, but how much can you expect to save, and will it make a difference to your household bills? In this article, we explain what the Energy Price Cap is and how it could save you money on your home energy bills.

15 Aug

Will the UK Ban New Oil and Gas?

There has been a lot of pressure applied to the UK Government in recent months by protestors, opposition in Parliament, and industry experts to ban the development of new oil and gas production. The Labour Party has now pledged to do just that should they win power in the next general election. In this article, we explore whether a UK ban on new oil and gas is likely and how your energy bills could be affected.

14 Jul

Does energy supplier support go far enough to help struggling households?

The big five energy suppliers have met with key stakeholders to discuss what they can do to help consumers. But does it go far enough?

11 Jul

6 simple ways to save energy in the school summer holidays

The school summer holidays are here again. Check out our six simple energy-saving tips to see you through the six weeks of the summer holidays.

28 Jun

Ofgem announces greater customer protection

Ofgem has announced plans to limit how much suppliers can keep in credit balances as well as rules to protect credit balances when a supplier fails.

23 May

Energy bills could hit £3,000

The UK’s energy crisis is still ongoing, with experts now forecasting bills to rise by up to £900 in winter.

29 Apr

Is your energy direct debit too high?

There's been troubling signs that energy suppliers have upped household’s direct debits above that of the price cap. Learn more about what’s happening here.

25 Apr

The truth about wind generation

Wind energy is one of the most widely used and clean sources of renewable energy. But like everything it has its pros and cons.

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