‘Stock up on Candles’ Says Deputy PM

Consumers should stock up on torches, battery-powered radios and candles to prepare for power cuts or cyber attacks, the Deputy Prime Minister has said. Deputy PM Oliver Dowden recently announced the establishment of a national ‘resilience academy’, urging Britons to be prepared for blackouts.

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New Focus on ‘Resilience’

Dowden's recommendation for consumers to stock up on ‘analogue’ supplies reflects a shift in focus towards ensuring preparedness in the face of national vulnerabilities. Acknowledging the importance of analogue capabilities in the digital age, the new advice emphasises the need for basic tools that can prove themselves invaluable during emergencies.

The cornerstone of the government's strategy is the introduction of the UK Resilience Academy, designed to equip people and businesses with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate various threats. This initiative comes in response to an array of risks, including Russia's invasion of Ukraine, cyber attacks, pandemics, misuse of artificial intelligence (AI) and extreme weather events.

Businesses will receive specialised training to handle the impact of diverse threats, including cyber attacks and risks to critical national infrastructure. This proactive approach aligns with the understanding that resilient businesses contribute to a more robust national framework.

Government Resources

To boost public awareness, the Government plans to launch a resilience website offering practical advice on how households can prepare for unforeseen events. By providing accessible information, it aims to empower individuals to take simple yet effective steps to enhance their resilience.

Acknowledging the community spirit demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Deputy PM announced the creation of a volunteer hub. This initiative seeks to gather a pool of volunteers ready to assist in future events, ensuring a coordinated and effective response.

While the resilience academy and related measures have been welcomed, questions have also been raised about the Government's approach to bolstering resilience in energy supplies, public property and elections. In particular, concerns about the reliance on global fossil fuel markets and potential foreign interference in domestic elections.

Looking Forward

As the UK faces up to an increasingly complex set of risks, the establishment of a national initiative marks a crucial step toward enhancing the country's preparedness. The call for British nationals to embrace analogue resilience underscores the importance of basic tools in an era dominated by digitisation and technological advancement.

By encouraging a culture of preparedness, the Government aims to navigate the uncertainties of the future with resilience and unity.

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