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15 Jan

Parliament Push Back on Offshore Licensing Bill

The UK's ‘commitment’ to combatting climate change has faced criticism with the recent introduction of the Offshore Petroleum Licensing Bill. Former cabinet minister Sir Alok Sharma, who was heavily involved in the COP26 climate summit, has condemned the bill.

10 Jan

New and Improved Heat Pumps on the Rise

The domain of home heating in the UK could be on the brink of rapid change. Those in the know are touting the latest advancements in heat pump technology as a significant step forward.

02 Jan

Extra Energy Gone With the Wind

Wind power is, without a doubt, a promising solution for the UK's need for sustainable and renewable energy sources. However, a recent report by Carbon Tracker revealed that wasted wind power will add a significant burden to the average UK household's electricity bills. In 2023 alone, the estimated cost was £40 per household, with projections indicating a potential increase to £150 by 2026.

19 Dec

‘Stock up on Candles’ Says Deputy PM

Consumers should stock up on torches, battery-powered radios and candles to prepare for power cuts or cyber attacks, the Deputy Prime Minister has said. Deputy PM Oliver Dowden recently announced the establishment of a national ‘resilience academy’, urging Britons to be prepared for blackouts.

14 Dec

How Changes Offshore Could Blow Up Bills

The UK's ambitious plans to almost quadruple its offshore wind capacity from 13 gigawatts to 50 by 2030, powering every home in the country, have hit a roadblock. Recently, the Government increased the price paid to energy firms for offshore wind-generated electricity by over 50%, a move aimed at enticing foreign investment.

30 Nov

Price Cap Change Means Hike for Households

Now, deep into winter, British households are bracing for an unwelcome rise in energy prices. The energy regulator Ofgem recently revealed that the typical annual energy bill would increase from £1,834 to £1,928 in January 2024, a noteworthy 5% rise.

20 Nov

Petrol Retailers Driving a Hard Bargain

The RAC has called on major fuel retailers in the UK to slash prices by at least 5p per litre, claiming that consumers have yet to benefit from lower wholesale costs. Despite a Government-mandated duty cut last year, drivers are yet to see any signs of relief at the pump.

14 Nov

Parliament to Grant Licence to Drill

The UK's energy landscape is currently in a transitional period, with a growing emphasis on achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. A pivotal step in this journey is the Government's plan to change the licensing process for oil and gas projects in the North Sea.

This move has ignited a debate between political parties and environmental advocates. In this article, we break down the key factors in this development, the contrasting views and how it could affect bill payers down the road.

06 Nov

BP Profits Plunge as Oil Prices Rise Again

Oil and gas behemoth BP recently announced lower-than-expected profits, which has raised a few eyebrows about the potential implications for British bill payers. In this article, we delve into the details of BP's financials and how they could affect consumers in the UK in the long term.

31 Oct

Forced Meter Fittings a Shocking Power Play

In a surprising development, warrants have been granted to allow the forced fitting of prepayment meters in the UK. This decision comes following an uproar surrounding the practice, which had temporarily halted amidst reports of agents breaking into the homes of vulnerable people.

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