Age Concern: Older people are worried about the cost of energy

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Older people will be worrying about the cost of post-freeze gas and electricity bills dropping through their door, according to a charity.

Age Concern believes that the recent rises in inflation, coupled with the inevitable expense of higher heating bills, means some elderly members of the population could struggle to pay their bills this month.

The Institute for Public Policy Research also called on the government this week to do more to help vulnerable groups with the rising cost of electricity. It believes that current measures are not 'adequately addressing the problem'.

Andrew Harrop, head of policy at Age Concern and Help the Aged, said: "Many older people on low incomes will dread a bounce back of inflation, as they are already bracing for a round of post-freeze energy bills...[they] will be worrying about whether their incomes will stretch to meet essential costs over the coming months."

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