Cheap electricity could be benefit of localised production

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A rise in the production of renewable energy could allow UK homeowners to enjoy access to cheap electricity in the coming years.

Nick Medic, head of communications at RenewableUK, says he believes an increasing amount of sustainable power will continue to be produced, following recent statistics on the subject.

The European Commission said some 62 per cent of new electricity capacity in the continent created during the last year came from renewable sources.

This is up from 57 per cent the year before, perhaps indicating the role of green energy is becoming greater.

Mr Medic suggests one reason for the expectation that an upward trend will be maintained is the realisation that locally-produced power is required.

In particular, he points to wind energy as a source that is already "properly taking off".

The commission's recent statistics showed, for the second year running, wind provided most of the new energy capacity, with 38 per cent.

Posted by Anne Yevel

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