Can I Claim Back Credit From My Energy Supplier?

If you pay your energy bills by Direct Debit, you may have found yourself in a situation where your account is 'in credit' with your supplier, meaning that your supplier owes you money. Like finding cash in the pocket of an old pair of jeans, this can be a pleasant surprise, but what should you do in this situation? In this guide, we explain how and when to claim back anything your energy supplier may owe you.

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Understanding Billing and Credit

It's vital that you know how energy bills work if you want to understand the concept of being 'in credit' with your energy supplier. When you pay your energy bills by Direct Debit, you make regular monthly payments based on an estimate of how much energy your supplier expects you to use throughout the year. These predictions are made by considering factors like your past usage and the time of year.

Sometimes, you'll end up in credit because you've used less energy than what you've already paid for. When this happens, your supplier has a few options at their disposal. The first option is to issue a full refund at the end of the year. Your energy provider can also choose to reduce your Direct Debit payments to use the credit you've built up.

However, if your supplier doesn't take up either of these options, you can usually claim back the credit yourself.

When to Claim Back Credit

Claiming back credit is an option you can exercise at any time, but it's essential to consider a few factors before making a decision. It's wise to leave some spare money in your account during the warmer months to cover higher energy costs in winter. Heating costs can rise significantly during the British winter, so you shouldn't overlook this.

Assess whether you expect higher energy bills in the upcoming months. If you do, it may be more worth retaining the credit to avoid accumulating debt later. If you think you can comfortably manage your bills without relying on your credit, you might want to claim it back.

If the credit amount exceeds your monthly Direct Debit, it's generally a good idea to claim back the difference. Doing so ensures you have money to hand to cover other expenses rather than leaving it with your supplier unnecessarily.

How to Claim Back Credit

If you decide it's the right time to claim back the credit your energy supplier owes you, start by contacting your supplier. Reach out using the contact details provided on your bill or your online account and inform them about the amount you'd like to be refunded. Your supplier will likely ask for an up-to-date meter reading so ensure you have it ready.

It's important to note that your supplier may not always agree to give you a refund. They could have a good reason for this, such as a small credit amount built up during the summer, which they expect you'll need in winter. If your energy provider decides not to refund you, they must clearly explain their decision.

What to do if Your Supplier Has Gone Bust

Don’t panic if your energy supplier goes out of business. You can still claim back your credit. Whichever provider takes over your account will contact you to inform you how to claim back any credit left over.

In conclusion, being in credit with your energy supplier can be a beneficial situation. Still, it's essential to make informed decisions about when and how to claim back the credit your energy supplier owes you. Take into account the time of year, your future energy needs and your financial flexibility before reaching out to your supplier.

By understanding this process, you can effectively manage your energy bills and ensure that your money works for you rather than sitting in your supplier's back pocket.

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