Continued snow may illustrate need for switch of energy supplier

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Snow, ice and freezing temperatures are still proving to be a problem for people in Scotland, perhaps illustrating how many could benefit from a switch of energy supplier.

Hundreds of motorists were left stranded in their vehicles overnight, while nine people have now died as a result of the weather.

But those lucky enough to be at home are likely to be reaching for the thermometer and increasing the level of heating in a bid to overcome the elements.

At times like this, a cheaper fuel tariff – secured as a result of a switch of energy supplier – may be highly desirable.

Temperatures north of the border are said to have plummeted as low as -17 degrees Celsius, forcing drivers to abandon their cars and more than 100 teachers, pupils and parents to spend the night at a school.

Last week, the Met Office raised a series of severe weather warnings as snow battered the UK, especially in Scotland and the east of England.

Posted by Richard Eden

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