EDF report: nuclear power stations in record output

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The UK energy firm EDF has reported that its eight UK power stations have produced the highest electricity output in seven years.

In fact, the firm claims that the 60 Terawatt hours of low-carbon electricity generated by the plants, was around 50% higher than when EDF first acquired them in 2009 - with them now generating enough power to supply half of the UK's households.

The energy firm,which is part of the Warm Home Discount Scheme, plough £300m into the power stations as part of an annual investment. A further £350m is spent on plant operations each year.

EDF chief executive, Vincent de Rivaz, said the performance of the firm's nuclear power stations was providing homes across the country with reliable, low-carbon electricity.

He said: "This will help postpone the energy gap in the short-term, but underlines the need to move forward with plans to build the next generation of nuclear stations to provide reliable, energy for the long-term."

According to EDF, the stations' output avoided the emission of almost 41 million tonnes of CO2 - the amount which would have been produced if the firm used traditional fossil fuels to generate the same amount of electricity.

The reactors provide millions of UK homes with their electricity, as well as many businesses including National Rail.

In fact, earlier this week the firm confirmed a £3bn agreement with National Rail to provide railways up and down the country with electric energy.

It is hoped that by 2020 electricity would power 75% of the UK rail lines.

The firm is also looking to build further nuclear power stations at Hinkley Point, Somerset, but have thus far delayed any concrete announcements on the subject.

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