Energy saving devices could help combat rising electricity prices

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A proposed government  scheme could be set to help consumers save money on their energy bills.

The new scheme, as reported by an independent reviewing company, has proposed the introduction of new devices to help householders evaluate how much you are spending on energy at any given time.

The new technology will allow the user to evaluate any changes that have been made to their energy consumption as well as evaluating how much energy is being used by normal household appliances.

The new smart meters are a welcome tool in the face of rising electricity prices, making people more aware of the energy they are using as well as combating the amount they are using.

The secretary of energy and climate change, Chris Huhne commented on the old systems claiming that “Our energy meters today couldn't be dumber. Every few months, we will get a bill with no idea what we've paid to use”.

The new changes are expected to have a knock-on effect in reducing the amount of carbon emissions from households, and with the government aiming to reduce the country's energy consumption, energy meters will also serve to make consumers more aware of what the link between the energy they consume and what they pay for energy.

They believe over the next 20 years the demand for energy could potentially rise by 34 million tonnes, and it could be the smaller changes like this that aid in reducing that number.

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