Energy supplier announces smart meter milestone

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An independent energy supplier has announced it has reached a milestone in its effort to provide business customers with smart meters.

BizzEnergy, which was the first provider to offer consumers such systems, has installed its 1,000th meter at a customer base

It also has advance orders for a further 1,000 systems, as it moves towards its target of providing 20 per cent of its business clients with the technology by the end of the year.

James Constant, chief operating officer at Bizz Energy, revealed why the supplier had made the pledge to offer customers the meters.

He explained: "It's clear that customers no longer want or expect estimated bills, and why should they when the technology exists to make these a thing of the past?"

The UK's energy watchdog recently welcome government moves to speed up the rollout of smart meters.

energywatch said the proposed amendment to the energy bill would allow consumers to make a difference when tackling climate change.

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