Energy supplier unveils new green transformer

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EDF Energy has unveiled a new green transformer in Luton, which is the first in the world to be filled with vegetable oil.

The firm, one of the largest electricity suppliers in the UK, claims the 132,000-volt transformer will help supply power to homes and businesses across the local area.

According to EDF, the transformer is powered by Envirotemp FR3, which is made from edible soya beans, and is an "environmentally-friendly alternative" to depleting mineral oils.

Paul Dyer, a transformer specialist for EDF Energy, said the installation in Luton is a trial for the technology and if deemed successful it hopes to roll it out across London, the south-east and the East of England.

He added: "This new technology complements the commitment to the environment which runs throughout our company - it brings many advantages and is one of the cleanest types of transformer available today."

The energy supplier recently begun a consultation for its new nuclear power station planned at Hinkley Point.

EDF claims the plant would generate around 1,600 megawatts of electricity, enough for two million homes.

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