Energy suppliers failing to contribute anticipated amount to CESP

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An official report released by the Government has revealed that members of the "big six" group of energy suppliers are failing to provide lower-income households with as much help as expected with their energy bills, according to an article published by the Telegraph.

It was originally planned that under the Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP), companies would provide lower energy prices for lower-earning households, whilst also helping householders to reduce their overall emissions.

However, it has been revealed in the report that the help provided by energy companies has been "far lower than anticipated."

The report, commissioned by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, also revealed that the companies were contributing as low a figure as ten per cent of the direct costs needed to fund the CESP - it was originally anticipated that the suppliers would provide in excess of 80 per cent.

A series of case study schemes in the report displayed that in just three of 11 examples did an energy company contribute anywhere near the originally expected figure - 65 per cent or more.

A Local Government Association spokesman launched an attack on energy suppliers, stating that they could "dictate terms and cherry-pick homes which are easy to improve, leaving vulnerable families out in the cold."

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