Energy suppliers 'must inform consumers on green credentials'

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Energy suppliers may soon have to inform their consumers on the green credentials of their tariffs under new proposals.

The National Consumer Council (NCC) and energywatch have written to the government in an effort to encourage them to make providers reveal the renewable and non-renewable mix of their clients' energy provisions.

While the two bodies have praised the current level of information provided to customers, they both feel more detail would give people the chance to examine the environmental impact of their energy use.

energywatch's head of campaigns, Jonathan Stearn, said that consumers were "increasingly keen to tackle" the impact of their lives.

"A simple change in regulations will give consumers vital information about how green their energy supply is and allow them to choose renewable energy if they want to play their part in helping the UK meet its formidable target," he added.

energywatch and the NCC's move has came after the former also urged the government to move quickly with plans to tackle fuel poverty in the UK.

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