Good Energy opens first Dorset solar energy farm

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Good Energy has officially opened its first solar farm in Dorset.

Electricity generation at the five megawatt facility began earlier this week. Work on the site at Tout Hill, near the village of Wool, originally started in April. By harnessing the energy provided by the sun, the site will be capable of producing enough green electricity to power around 1,300 homes.

Senior project developer at the green energy supplier, Hugo House, stated: "It's great to see the site up and running, and making a contribution to the county's renewable energy targets."

In addition to generating renewable energy, Good Energy - one of the UK's major green energy suppliers - outlined plans to provide additional benefits for the  environment and the local community.

Mr House said: "In the autumn, we will sow wildflower seeds across all three fields, and later, we plan to allow sheep to graze on the site demonstrating that agriculture, renewable energy production and biodiversity can work side by side."

Both Wool and East Stoke will also receive an annual community fund of £5,000, whilst East Stoke will be given £10,000 to support its plans to construct a new village hall.

Founder and CEO at Good Energy, Juliet Davenport, also spoke about the impact the solar farm would have on the local community. She said: "The solar farm at Wool will make an important contribution to Dorset's renewable energy targets and demonstrates the value of solar power as part of our renewable energy generation portfolio."

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