'High CO2 nuclear power' could affect business energy customers

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Business energy consumers whose company has an environmental care policy might like to take note of comments from an expert, who has asserted that nuclear power is not as beneficial as it may seem.

A spokeswoman for the Centre for Alternative Technology observed that many believe the process produces fewer carbons than other sources but noted this is not the case.

While the actual electricity generated has no direct emissions, she stated that the cycle as a whole does.

"Uranium mining is one of the most CO2 intensive industrial operations," she said, adding that an increase in demand would go hand-in-hand with rising carbon levels.

Furthermore, the spokeswoman asserted that the toxic waste by-products cannot be disposed of safely and have a long life.

Commenting on this year's Fukushima disaster, she remarked that some experts believe it could be a century before the site's melting rods can be removed.

At the end of April, EDF Energy submitted evidence to an official government investigation into the safety of nuclear energy.

Posted by Richard Eden 

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