Majority of households consider solar energy

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The majority of homes in the UK would consider adopting solar power technology, it has been claimed.

According to research from the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT), showed that households would consider paying for photovoltaic panels using a feed-in tariff, which would pay them for any energy they supplied to the National Grid.

Of the 750 households questioned by the CAT, more than nine out of ten said they would consider adopting the technology and almost a quarter said they would definitely install solar panels if they were paid 50 pence for every unit of energy they supplied to energy firms.

Mark Watson, who conducted the research at CAT, said: "Photovoltaic systems are one of the easiest renewable energy technologies to integrate in towns and cities and as the survey results show, they are generally liked by the general public."

In related news, Surface Power has launched a solar product which it claims could cut water heating bills by as much as 70 per cent.

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