MP claims 'moral obligation to help elderly with energy costs'

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The Labour MP who recently lodged an Early Day Motion calling for reductions in energy prices has said he is not out to punish energy firms.

Writing for the Yorkshire Evening Post, Fabian Hamilton, the MP for Leeds North East has said he is trying to "force" the big six energy firms in the UK to lower prices due to the "sharp fall" in the wholesale price of crude oil.

He added that government has a "moral obligation" to protect the most vulnerable members of society, stating he had met many pensioners over the last few months who voiced concerns about keeping their homes warm during the winter.

Mr Hamilton wrote that when gas prices were rising, the energy firms said they were "closely related to the price of crude oil".

"The energy companies were very quick to raise their prices to the consumer when worldwide wholesale prices were high, but have been rather slower to bring them down again now that prices have fallen," he stated.

Newcastle based fuel poverty charity National Energy Action recently said that industry watchdog Ofgem was not doing enough to help the poorest members of society, the Northern Echo reported.

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