Nuclear energy is good for Scotland

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Nuclear energy would be good for Scotland and would help to promote energy security and tackle climate change, it has been claimed.

According to the energy minister for the Scottish National Party (SNP) Mike O'Brien, nuclear power would also be good for business, creating 9,000 jobs and injecting £2 billion into the country's economy.

Mr O'Brien said nuclear power was a source of low-carbon electricity, reports the Times.

Commenting on SNP statements that pointed Labour indecision on the issue, he told the news provider: "[The SNP] have a hole in the air where they need a policy.

"It is time they addressed the substance of the argument rather than scoring petty political points."

He added that the Scottish executive should not turn its nose up at the high-value jobs the nuclear energy sector would create.

Meanwhile, the European Economic and Social Committee has called for greater transparency in the nuclear energy sector.

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