Nuclear Power is vital for green energy targets

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Scotland must safeguard the future of its electricity supply with investment in nuclear energy.

According to the Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy, the country cannot rely on renewable energy such as tidal and wind power alone.

When the Scotsman asked Mr Murphy if it was possible the country could become self-sufficient on renewable energy alone, he said: "I don't believe it is."

He claimed: "It's crucial we have an enormous expansion in investment and deliver our renewables – wind and wave and solar in particular. But in itself that's not enough."

Mr Murphy added that while he wanted Scotland to become a world centre for the production of renewable energy, nuclear power was needed as a part of Scotland's safe, environmentally-sensitive power solution of the future.

There are 440 nuclear power stations worldwide which account for 17 per cent of all electricity used – the same amount garnered from hydro-electric generation.

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