ONS report shows Northern Ireland energy bills the highest per month

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Households in Northern Ireland fork out the most money per month on energy bills in the UK new research has revealed.

The Office for National Statistics figures show the average spend of Scottish homes is £112 a month, making it the highest in Britain compared with £105 in Wales and £103 in England: in terms of the UK as a whole however, the figure for Northern Ireland  is a staggering £154 a month.

As a whole, the average UK energy spend has shot up substantially since the £69 a month paid in 2002, sky-rocketing to almost double the figure £106. This is despite the average energy use dropping 17%.

The report stated: "UK households spent an average of £106 a month on household energy in 2012. This was a 55% rise on the 2002 monthly spend, after accounting for inflation. This is despite a decline in average energy usage.

"Over this same time period, household energy use has fallen. The average amount of energy used per household was 17% lower in 2012 than in 2002. This means the increase in the average amount households are spending is explained solely by rises in energy prices."

The report goes on to explain the higher cost in Northern Ireland could be put down to the different nature and size of the energy market. Across the rest of the UK, there are a number of energy suppliers and deals available, but Northern Ireland's system is somewhat more restricted.

In Scotland's case the figures were attributed to higher energy consumption in the main, as identified in DECC figures on energy consumption per household.

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