People to compare electricity prices following new British Gas plans?

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People looking to go green could be encouraged to compare electricity prices following the installation of the UK's first home car charging point by British Gas.

The device will be used to power environmentally-friendly vehicles, such as the Nissan Leaf. Sean Maloney, who recently purchased one, welcomed his new acquisition and said it is good that he can recharge it at his house.

Using the new device, it will take eight hours to fill the lithium-ion battery. At complete capacity, it can travel approximately 109 miles. It is expected that electric cars will account for ten per cent of all the UK's vehicles sold by 2020 and ownership could be roughly 1.2 million households.

British Gas's Fiona McDonagh remarked that the supplier is pleased with the unit's installation in Manchester and it could make a huge impact upon the nation's carbon emissions. "Imagine never needing to go to the petrol station ever again," she said.

Posted by Jim Tidy

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