Rising energy prices 'a huge issue'

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Rising energy prices are a "huge" issue for businesses, according to an expert.

Deloitte's Cardiff partner John Antoniazzi made the claim after research by the firm found that 72 per cent of firms in Wales have experienced an increase in the cost of energy by over ten per cent in the past 12 months.

According to the Western Mail, three-quarters of the firms surveyed also introduced energy saving schemes to counter the rises.

Discussing the findings with the newspaper, Mr Antoniazzi said that only a third of firms have achieved reductions through the initiatives.

"Looking ahead, businesses need to address this issue and start making serious changes in the working environment to ensure that the changes really do offer a reduction in fuel usage," he added.

BusinessGreen recently reported that research by E.ON found that those working for small businesses are more likely to be energy efficient than staff at bigger companies.

It was also found that those working at larger firms are put off from becoming greener by red tape.

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