Rising gas and electric prices 'promotes recycling'

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Rising energy prices in the UK have caused many organisations to look at more efficient and cost-effective ways of generating and procuring energy.

According to Ray Howell, director of bioenergy services at Dalkia, advances in technology have made waste-derived biofuels a viable option which can boost environmental credentials.

He claims that combined heat and power (CHP) plants, which are prized by the industrial and health sectors, are an excellent way of generating electricity on a business's premises.

Mr Howell says: "By learning from expertise gained across Europe – where environmental drivers have been at the forefront of technical developments for longer than in the UK – the environmental performance of CHP plants has been enhanced."

Dalkia is pushing the use of recycled wood in CHPs and says pallets, off-cuts, boxes and packaging can all be used to supplement a company's electricity supply.

The company is a specialist in energy generation solutions and has contracts with more than 50 UK hospitals.

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