Rush to build solar farms sees increased levels of protests against them

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Discontent is rising across the country as energy companies race to complete a number of solar farms before a subsidy on them is cut next year.

Many local campaigners at sites set to see the construction of lots of solar farms have labelled the renewable energy devices an eyesore.

In Norfolk for example, residents have complained the fitting of 144,288 solar panels across 174 acres at Hall Farm and Field Barn Farm in Bridgham would dominate their village.

The leading campaigner against that particular project is Mike Brown. Speaking of the solar farm proposals in his area, he said: "It's a visual eyesore... ill-conceived and wholly and utterly stupid."

Furthermore, Liberal Democrat MP, Jeremy Browne, has labelled the countrywide surge in solar farm construction a "monstrous desecration" of the countryside.

In particular, he is worried about the proposed solar park in Somerset, but elsewhere comedian Griff Rhys Jones has played a similar part in fighting against plans for a solar farm near Tattingstone.

Solar panel groups have pre-empted further complaints from enraged locals across the country by publishing a document advising developers to develop larger sites out of view, so as not to disrupt the natural beauty of the countryside.

Specialist adviser to the Solar Trade Association, Ray Noble, has also suggested the solar industry is set to work alongside the energy department to deliver a series of road shows across the country to advise planners on the industry.

He predicts by March next year, there will be as many as 200 large solar farms in the UK - currently there are about 65.

The government is desperate to meet EU wide figures set on the production of renewable energy, so has pushed for more wind and solar farms.

In the home, it is also supporting property owners cut down their carbon emissions via its Green Deal. Through the initiative, energy consumers are able to claim a loan on items such as a new boiler or wall insulation to help improve the energy efficiency of their home.

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